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Legal Divorce Proceedings in New York...Uncontested Divorce for a much smaller price..

Depending on the grounds for divorce, our uncontested divorce fees start at $499, or $599 (with children), plus Court Filing Fees, payable though a convenient Payment Plan; whereas the prices that most other New York attorneys charge for an uncontested divorce tend to be at least $1,500, in addition to court fees. Obviously, going with our firm will save you money.

Also, if there are no complications, your divorce is usually completed within six months, where a contested divorce can drag on for a year, or even much, much longer. Pay for "peace of mind" -- have a Licensed New York Attorney represent you in your divorce proceeding, for a truly reasonable price. We offer day, evening and weekend appointments. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to discuss your uncontested divorce, or any other legal issue that you may have.

ANY Uncontested Divorce, where you and your soon to be ex-spouse agree on certain matters relating to the divorce, is a relatively affordable, fast and easy alternative to an expensive, time consuming, "contested" divorce (where the parties cannot reach an agreement and need to go to court to reach a resolution). Doing your divorce in an "uncontested" way will save a great deal of money and time. If all the issues are decided between the parties, they may agree to submit the papers to the court for approval; this is known as an uncontested proceeding. In a nutshell, you and your spouse agree upon not arguing (i.e., contesting) the divorce, the grounds for divorce, the division of any property, and all issues surrounding children. The vast majority divorces in the state of New York are uncontested rather than contested.

Legal Fees

Our attorney fees are among the most affordable in New York City nd the State of New York.

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Children & Divorce Agreements

There are three key issues when children are involved in a divorce or separation.

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NY Divorce Requirements

Certain requirements must be met before we, as your lawyers, file your uncontested divorce

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the New York uncontested divorce process work?

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Cheap Divorce Proceedings in New York City
Uncontested Divorce for a much smaller price..

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